Never scowl with this cowl! Free knitting pattern!

R: Sis, I want something high-fashion and ultra-comfortable for the party this evening, it’s so chilly in Bangalore these days!
A: You mean a hand-knit chunky cowl, don’t you? Easy peasy!

When you don’t have the time to knit a scarf, enter – the cowl. Ultra-chic, soft and extremely useful if you want to save your neck from chilly breeze and make a style statement at the same time, don’t think any further than a cowl. One hour and one ball of gorgeous yarn later, you have a cowl ready to feature on any fashion runway, you go gal!

Now here’s a real stash-buster pattern, if you have that little scrap of yarn in different colors lying around waiting to be knit, use this pattern and gift someone (yourself maybe?) a lovely garter stitch cowl.

Chunky garter stitch cowl:



a. Depending on the thickness of your yarn, change the number of cast on stitches.
b. If you are using straight needles instead of circular, just knit a rectangle and bind the ends together.
c. If you need to bust scrap yarns, change colors as often and as much as you like, you won’t regret the colorful result ever!

Any chunky yarn from Hachi Yarns

We’d use:

Hachi Wow

Hachi All Wool

Hachi Dream Cream

8mm circular knitting needles
Needle to weave in ends


1. Cast on 56 stitches on your circular, 8 mm needles.

2. Knit entire first row. When you’ve finished, join your work, making sure not to twist any stitches. After you’ve joined the piece, purl the next row. This is different than knitting the garter stitch on straight needles (where you would knit every stitch of both rows). To achieve the garter stitch when knitting in the round, knit every stitch of the first row, and purl every stitch of the second row. Repeat these two rows until your piece is finished.

If you need help remembering when to switch from knit to purl, and visa versa, add a stitch marker where it switches. If you don’t have an actual stitch marker, you can use a piece of yarn, or anything that will go around the needle.

4. Continue until you are almost out of yarn, leaving enough to bind off. Bind off your last row, and weave in any ends. Your cowl is complete!

Look at it, wear it, now now – don’t get any drool on it!

What’s more, a cowl is unisex, and all you need to carry it off is a neck. We all got one, all yours needs is this cowl!

Do you know of a better accessory that’s high fashion, so quick to make, looks that chic and works on practically anyone??! Grab your sticks and start knitting ya’ll!

Show us what you make, and also sell your hand-knit items at our online store for free!

Shop for yarns without moving your derriere:


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