1000 reasons to knit and crochet: #1

Everybody has their own story of why and how they became a knitter/crocheter. I was hooked (pun intended) the day I laid eyes on a mountain of yarn in bright cheery colors.

I love yarn!

You can twist and turn it as you fancy, yarn listens to you, you know there’s something right in the world when you see colorful yarn. If there’s anything that can get you through cold, rainy days, it’s hand-knit sweaters that your grandma made for you with rainbow colors!

I once bought tons of neatly wound balls of yarn in yellow, soft and so wonderfully squishy when I didn’t know what people do with them! I haven’t yet figured out what I love more, drooling at neat skeins of yarn filling my shelves or knitting a soft cosy sweater with them. I certainly take a long time ooh-aah-ing before unravelling a new ball of yarn!

So, what’s your reason to start knitting or turn to crochet? Do you love yarns too?

Take the poll below and let’s see how many of you love yarn just like me!

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