Gorgeous garter stitch scarf: Free knitting pattern!

So, you are a beginner-ish knitter, and want to surprise your loved one (mum, dad, hubby, fiance, bro, sis, best friend, well, why not yourself too, endless list this!) with a stunning gift on their special day, look no further.

We whipped up this pattern peppered with tempting photos just for you! It’s so gorgeous you’ll be collecting compliments by truck-loads and yet all you need to know is one easy-peasy stitch called the garter stitch (yeah, we all know that one, don’t we?).

Buy the yarn, save the pattern and get knitting, baby!

Easy-peasy garter stitch scarf:



a. If you want a cowl instead, join the ends, that’s about it!

b. You can create different effects with the same simple pattern by choosing a solid color throughout, stripes every 2 inches, or a multi-colored yarn that throws a surprise punch!



200 grams of Hachi 100% Himalayan Wool

5.5 mm straight knitting needles, US 9 – UK 5

Needle to weave in ends



1. Cast on 40 stitches (Adjust according to the width you like here, more width or a thin scarf, choose now!)

2. Work back and forth in the garter stitch (knit every single stitch of every row!) until you run out of yarn.

The only tricky part about this cowl (if you’re using multicolored yarn) is that if you want to start your new skein of yarn on the same color as you ended the last skein, make sure to start on the same color of the second skein when switching. It’s alright even if you don’t, who won’t love this mash-up!

3. Continue in garter stitch with your second skein of yarn, either until you run out of yarn or until the piece measures around 58 inches long. (If you want a cowl, you’ll be stitching the ends together, so make sure you end on a similar color as you started the cowl with.)

4. Bind off (sew the two ends together forming a loop if you want a cowl), weave in ends, and your scarf is complete!

This is our favorite scarf, ever. Do you love it too? Let us know!

As always, keep knitting!

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