Yarn pompoms: 5 awesome projects!

We know how much you loved our Yummy Pom pom rug project!

Pom-poms are so much fun that we want to blog about 5 more awesome projects for you to make with ’em! Without further ado,

1. Pom pom flowers:   Classy, creative and so unique, get ready to have a lot of around the coffee table conversations!

2. Pom pom toys: Make a sheep out of wool, that makes sense right?

These little pompom chicks are so cute, you could just die!

Every naughty boy needs a pompom spider!

3. Pompom Snow Man: So what if it doesn’t snow in India, we can make snowmen too, anytime of the year!

snowman christmas crafts - blue pom pom snowman

4. Pompom heart:   ‘I give you my heart’ fluffly soft pompom heart is as good as a warm tight hug!

5. Pompom garlands: Add some color to your party with handmade pom pom garlands, you can whip them up in minutes!

Click to Enlarge

There’s our round-up of 5 fun projects to do with pompoms! Try them out and add a little color to your life and surroundings, you know you want to!

To make fluffy soft pompoms, try our range of Hachi acrylic yarns. They are easy to wash, don’t cost a fortune and come in every color you can wish for!

Shop for yarns now and get ready to make pompoms by tomorrow! -> http://www.hachiyarns.com/


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