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Crochet roses in 9 steps: Free crochet pattern with step by step pictures!


A rose is a rose is a rose. But a crochet rose is much better than a rose!


Why, you ask? Well its oh-so-cute, it blooms all round the year in every color you want and what’s more you made it all by yourself! Here’s how you are going to do it, in 10 easy steps.

1. Leaving a 10” length for sewing, chain 57.

2. Row 1 :In sixth chain from hook, double crochet, chain two, double crochet, *chain 2, skip next 2 chains, then double crochet, chain two, double crochet in next chain; repeat from * across.

3. This is what your first row finished should look like. Does your row look like a shellfish too? You’re on the right track!

4. Row 2:  Chain 3, turn, 5 double crochet in first chain-2 space, single crochet in next chain-2 space, (6 double crochet in next chain-2 space, single crochet in next chain-2 space), 5 times.

(With your beginning chain 3 and 5 double crochet “shell” you will have a total of 6 of these shells.  Then (9 double crochet in the next chain-2 space, single crochet in next chain-2 space), 5 more times (you will have a total of 11 shells made).  Then 12 double crochet in the next chain-2 space, single crochet in the next chain-2 space, across until complete.  You should end with a single crochet in the last chain-2 space.  Finish off leaving several inches for sewing and tying.

5. Once you are done you will have this lovely pile of curly crochet mess.

6. Get yourself a weaving needle with a blunt end. Thread yarn needle from 10” length at beginning of your original chain.

7. With right side facing, and beginning with first petal made, roll your petals, sewing as you go.  Once together, gently tie the two ends together and clip OR use the ends to tie on pin or barrette backs to your rose.

8. Tie off your bottom, this is what the underneath side of the rose will look like.

9. This is what the FABULOUS side of your rose will look like!!!

And there you have it, one pink rose that will bloom all year long!

You can embellish and accessorize everything if you master just this one pattern! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Crochet rose brooch, a perfect Mother’s day gift!

Crochet rose accessory to jazz up that rainy day sweater!

Bored of wearing beanies? There’s hope for you yet!

How do you make a chunky scarf look feminine and ultra-chic? Aye, a crochet rose!

A crochet rose hair-pin, perfect pick me up for Monday morning office!

Which baby doesn’t deserve a crown of roses?

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