Yarn spotlight: Angora wool

Meet Mr. Angora. Shave, anybody?

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The softest yarn in the world comes from him. He is gentle, playful, adorable and as you know by now, very furry, he is a long-haired type of rabbit.

His name “Angora” is literally derived from the words “adorable, poof-ball” rabbit!


Now, I bet you are worried that we chop off all his fur to make yarn. But did you know that it is very important that we chop it off! Angora rabbits will not be able to survive in the wild because they doesn’t shed their hair naturally. We need to harvest the angora’s wool at least four times a year to keep him healthy.

Look who’s keeping angora rabbits alive AND making guiltless soft silky sweaters! You go, gal!

Also, the angora rabbit notoriously enjoys this frequent attention and the harvesting process causes them no stress or pain. Angora wool harvesting is a calming process both for the groomer and the “groomee”!  Angora wool is considered very fashionable and is used in high-end garments, it is also a 100% eco-friendly yarn.


So, banish any guilty feelings and dive right into that ball of angora yarn from Hachi Yarns and make sweaters as soft as the rabbit!





Shop for Angora yarn in India: http://www.hachiyarns.com/ and get free home delivery!


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