The Russian Join: Stuff every knitter should know

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Do you always knit in solid colors because you don’t want the hassle of changing yarn colors? Are you worried your yarn ends will pop-out where you join a new ball of yarn? Are you paranoid about yarn ends sticking out and unraveling a project?

We are. So, we’ll show you how we secure our yarn ends, either when joining a new ball of yarn because our skein ran out, or a new color to add an element of complexity to a simple pattern. This works for crochet as well as knitting.

It’s called the Russian Join, an invisible, easy to master and low hassle method of joining yarn.

Step 1:

Thread as skinny a needle as you can use with your yarn and go back into the strand of yarn about 3″ back from end. Try to run the yarn inside the plies if possible. It helps to untwist the plies slightly to open up the center.

Step 2:

Pull the needle all the way thru the yarn leaving a loop at the end. Take the 2nd yarn end (pink) and pass thru this loop.

Step 3:

Repeat Step 1 with this 2nd piece of yarn so you have 2 interlocked loops with each end threading back thru its own strand.

Step 4:

Pull the free ends down so the loops disappear and trim the ends off where they exit the strand (see where needle is pointing). Pull firmly to make sure they are long enough to hold. When you close down the loops in Step 4, just pull until closed. If you keep pulling, the strand will untwist and release the yarn end in the center of the strand.

Step 5:

The finished join. This one is a little short. I like to have at least 2″ of “yarn thru yarn” on each side of the joining.

This join will run right thru the carriage and knit right in with only a slightly thicker spot.

No weaving in yarn ends at the end of a project, it can be used just the same for crochet and knitting, isn’t that great? Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

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