Bye bye summer contest winner: Hachi Yarns

Winter is almost here, and your needles have been smoking with one project after the other getting ready for it.  Hachi yarns decided to wave goodbye to the Indian summer in style, and hosted a contest for all you desi knitters and boy did you crafty chiks get into it or what!

Although we were prepared for a lot of entries, we were swamped with picture after picture of your gorgeous knits and crocheted items last week!

Way to go, desis! You knit lovely gifts for others and stylish items for yourselves, truly crafty!

Here is the winning entry of the “Bye bye summer” contest. Drum roll, please!

Pink surprise by Shaila Sunder of Mumbai

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Shaila tells us that she started knitting without knowing if it’s for a boy or a girl, and when she found out to her happy surprise that it was a girl, she added the lace panel at the bottom, so she aptly named it “Pink surprise”. We think it’s precious!

And she chose the perfect yarn for it: Hachi Amna Pink

Hachi Amna is 100% cotton, perfect for keeping babies warm and itch-free!

Shaila Sunder wins this gorgeous skein of free yarn from Hachi Yarns, perfect to start off her winter knitting: Hachi Cashmere

Do you have a story about your knits too? So what if the contest is over, share your stories with us and we’ll share it with everyone and get free yarn while at it!

Shop for yarns online in India from Hachi Yarns:


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