Bye bye summer contest ‘surprise’ winner: Hachi Yarns

You read about our “Bye bye summer contest” winner already, so what is this again you wonder? Well, look at this picture we got bang on the last day of the contest, can you tell that face she didn’t win? Neither could we.

                Rima Mukherjee with her hand-knit infinity cowl        

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Rima says “This is a 55 inch infinity cowl, which has been made from “Hachi Landscapes Grey Pink“. This took me half a skein!”

Congratulations, Rima! We think she’s absolutely rocking it, and rightly so, rockingness factor goes up 5 notches when you wear something that you made yourself. You go, girl!

So what does she win? A lovely blend of soft angora and magical kid-mohair in a pastel onion shade that you don’t just buy, you gotta earn it!

We call it Hachi Bewitching, check it out here:

The gradual shades in the Landscapes collection from Hachi Yarns make simple knits look lovely, here’s where you can find some for yourself:

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