Beginner knitting classes in Bangalore: Hachi Yarns




You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you? Love the idea of creating fabrics with yarn but can’t knit your way out of a paper bag?

Learn to knit this winter, with us at Hachi Yarns.  Kindly note, this workshop is for bangaloreans only!
Take those baby steps in knitting with us and we’ll stand back watching you fly at the end.

What will you learn you ask? What won’t you!

How to cast on for a project, what in the world is a gauge swatch, how to substitute yarn, THE knit stitch, purl stitch, how to create textures – learn about seed stitch, bobble stitch, reverse stockinette stitch and more, how to make buttonholes in your knits, how to tink back to a dropped stitch, learn to read and interpret written knitting patterns, how to join flat knitted pieces – the mattress stitch, how to read your own knitting, how to use stitch markers and row counters, how to bind off, how to celebrate the end of your knitting project.
Well, maybe not the last one, we just do a weird little Afro hop-dance, you’ll soon find your own way to celebrate!

We’ll be following the English style of knitting, and working on 3 different projects during the classes with 3 more homework projects that will make knitting muscle memory!

At the end of these classes, you’ll have these hand-knits to show off – Garter mittens, stockinette spectacle/phone case, baby doll dress, ribbed garter scarf/cowl, stitch sampler coasters, ribbed leg warmers.
Hell yeah, we won’t rest till you turn pro!

Add a pinch of imagination and you can knit anything you want after this!




We’ll guide you at every stitch, all you need to do is show up for 1.5 hours every Saturday for 5 weekends starting from September 15, 2012.

Yarns and needles will be available on the first day in class or on the website under the category Beginner knitters.*
Timings and exact location in Bangalore(Domlur, Indiranagar) will be emailed once you register.

Take your pick from a huge range of yummy pastel colored yarns for your projects that’ll make you want to knit.

*Materials for class can be purchased before beginning projects or all at once, ahead of time. Once your registration is confirmed, you can choose your yarns!

Beginner classes are Rs. 2500/-
Register early, only 10 seats available! Click Enroll Now to register.


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