The ultimate yarn guide – Sheep’s Wool

Did you know that firefighters clothing used to be made out of sheep’s wool and woolen blankets are used to put out flames?

Why? Because wool is fire-resistant, that’s why. And you thought all it does is keep you warm during winters, read on to be amazed!

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Sheep are a knitter’s best friend! Their covering of thick hair, called fleece, is cleaned and processed into, you guessed it, wool.

> Wool is warm, elastic, durable, easy to dye and flame retardant!

> Wool is an excellent insulant, it is warm when the temperature is cold and stays fairly cool when it is hot out. That means you can wear it in winters to keep warm, and in summers to stay cool!

> Also, studies have confirmed that wool offers higher natural UV protection than many other fibres including cotton! How’s that for a-ma-zing!

> Wool is also slightly water repellent. It can absorb upto 1/3rd it’s weight in water before it starts to feel wet, in fact, a woollen garment will float for a while. Because of this the wearer stays dry and comfortable even when there’s moisture in the air around!

> Wool is wrinkle resistant. That’s one less thing for you to do towards garment care!
> Wool is sound-proof, that’s right. Sound. Proof. Excellent property for blankets, curtains and carpets!

>Wool is biodegradable, and reusable. Now is a good time to save the environment, start knitting with wool!

> Shearing(cutting or shaving off fleece) a sheep doesn’t hurt them. It is important for the health and hygiene of the sheep that they be regularly, so you are not harming any sheep by knitting with wool, you are helping them!

Allergic to wool?

Many people believe they are allergic to wool. However, a true wool allergy is extremely rare.
A coarse wool, typically used in carpets, can feel scratchy if worn against the skin. But if knitting wool feels irritating, this could be because of grass that is left in the fleece as it is spun or because of the soap or oils used during processing.

Naturally produced wool helps keep the skin dry and warm, unlike some synthetic fibers that can hold in moisture and irritate skin.

The wool at Hachi Yarns is lanolin-free, naturally produced and super soft.

After learning that wool has so many benefits, and that annoying doubt about whether you are allergic to wool laid to rest, we know you can’t wait to get knitting with wool, go here to buy some and get started ->

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