Easy lacey scarf – Free knitting pattern!

Looking for something to quickly jazz up your outfit for New Year’s eve? Make this scarf in under 2 hours, how’s that for quick and fashionable?

A scarf pattern that’s so easy yet gives such a beautiful result, you’ll be knitting this more than once!
Experiment with different yarn weights to achieve stunningly different yet gorgeous results each time!

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You will need:
2 Skeins fine/worsted yarn from Hachi

(Mohair results in a stunning luxurious looking scarf, while cotton/wool/alpaca make for a more thick classic scarf)

Yarn suggestion:

Hachi Mohair Enchanting

Hachi Under the Sea
1 pair 6mm needles
(Use bigger needles than the yarn usually calls for)

Gauge (not critical): Approx 14 st and 18 rows to 10cm square in pattern. This gives a scarf that is approximately 19cm wide.

Cast on 26 st (Loose cable cast-on would work well!)

Row 1 (and all subsequent rows): Slip 1, k1, [YO K2tog, YO K2tog, YO K2tog, K2] to end

Continue until scarf is approximately 150cm long (or as desired)

Cast off.



Weave in ends.
Block if you want to.

Buy mohair yarns and knitting, crochet supplies in India: http://www.hachiyarns.com/

Team Hachi


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