Back to blogging and a fun free knitting pattern!

So, we were away for a little white, but we are back now, and hope to post a lot more fun and useful stuff over here, keep checking!

Simple patterns with exciting color combinations is a great way to make your knits look ah-mazing! Here’s our favorite scarf knitting pattern, watch how fabulous it turns out because of the color-blocking, btw, grey works with just about every color in the rainbow! (Psst…Pink and Grey is our all-time fav!)  As promised, the free knitting pattern follows!

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400 grams of yarn in contrasting colors

2 skeins Hachi 100 Days of Summer Orange

16 sts / 4 inchesin stockinette on larger needles
Finished Measurements:
Width = 8” / Length =72” after a light steam.
With smaller needles cast on 68 sts with Hachi Classic Cashmere Grey
Work in 2 x 2 ribbing for 5” (*K2, P2, repeat from * to end of round).
Switch to larger needles, then work in stockinette (knit every row) for 36″ or desired length. (You can make stripes every 5″ or go 50-50 like our scarf up top!)
Switch to Hachi 100 Days of Summer Orange and continue knitting in stockinette until the length of the new color is equal to the stockinette section of the first color.
Switch to smaller needles and begin 2 x 2 ribbing and work in ribbing for 5”.
Bind off in pattern.
Block with a light steam.
How do you like this pattern? We’d love it if you try it out and so will you!
Happy knitting!
❤ Hachi Yarns

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